A Wise Investment
(for your business)
The ACEC OKLAHOMA and the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) are the only state and national engineering organizations devoted exclusively to advancing the business interests of consulting engineering firmsWhile there are many technical and professional societies promoting the practice of engineering, ACEC OKLAHOMA and ACEC concentrate on the BUSINESS of design consulting.
ACEC OKLAHOMA and ACEC's professional staff constantly provide services and assistance to assure that private-practice consulting engineering firms have the best possible business, economic and political environments in which to operate your business.  These initiatives are all designed to enhance your bottom line.
ACEC OKLAHOMA and ACEC services and benefits include:
Government Affairs Representation - Every session, the Oklahoma Legislature considers hundreds of pieces of legislation, many of which could affect your consulting engineering business either directly or indirectly.  ACEC OKLAHOMA's registered lobbyist monitors bills introduced in the legislature, maintains contact with legislators, and keeps the membership informed of developments which could impact the business of member firms.  ACEC OKLAHOMA Liaison Committees also stay in close contact with state agencies, meeting regularly with senior staff to discuss issues of concern to member firms.  In Washington, D.C., ACEC's Government Affairs Staff monitors pending legislation in Congress as well as regulatory actions in federal agencies, which assist in decreasing government regulation, unravel red tape, eliminate unfair competition and create new business opportunities for your firm.
Economical Insurance Programs - Member firms are eligible to participate in money-saving life and health insurance programs specially designed for consulting engineering firms.  A comprehensive, all-lines business insurance program is also available to member-firms, again, designed specifically for consulting engineering firms.  And, member firms are also eligible to participate in a retirement program which is second-to-none.
Business Education Seminars - ACEC OKLAHOMA sponsors timely business practice seminars for members, all with affordable registration fees.  Topics cover a variety of business issues from Professional Risk Management to Financial Management, Employee Relations to Contract Negotiations.  New seminars are continually being developed to address the changing business world in which you operate.  ACEC provides a variety of seminar opportunities during the Annual Convention and Fall Conference, plus special seminars at convenient locations nationwide, varying in length from full-day to week-long programs as well as a variety of on-line “webinars.”
Meetings - Five times per year, ACEC OKLAHOMA holds General Membership Meetings at which important matters are brought before the membership and valuable educational programs are conducted.  These meetings also provide an excellent opportunity to meet with your colleagues to exchange ideas and information.
Publications - ACEC OKLAHOMA's monthly newsletter, the The First Word and ACEC's weekly Last Word keep members abreast of the latest developments affecting their business.  Special newsletters and reports addressing specific topics provide members with detailed information on issues of concern.  Additionally, standard contract documents, a variety of manuals of practice, audio-visual material, and other specialized booklets and manuals are available to assist firms be more efficient and profitable.
Procurement - ACEC OKLAHOMA and ACEC constantly promote Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) as the sole method by which clients should choose their engineering firms.  ACEC OKLAHOMA and ACEC have been successful in securing state and federal legislation requiring the use of QBS when government agencies procure A/E services, and continue to monitor procurement agencies to assure that proper QBS methods are being used.
Committees - The life-blood of ACEC OKLAHOMA and ACEC are the Committee structures which guide and direct the activities of the Council's.  Some 40 ACEC OKLAHOMA and ACEC committees, made up of volunteer member-firm principals, address business issues facing design firms and develop methods and programs which firms can put into practice.
Public Relations - ACEC OKLAHOMA and ACEC conducts a public relations program to enhance the image of consulting engineers.  The annual ACEC OKLAHOMA and ACEC Engineering Excellence Awards showcase the "best-of-the-best" engineering projects from across the country through a state and national competition recognizing both the design consultants and the client-owners.  The ACEC OKLAHOMA and ACEC Scholarship Program provides deserving engineering students with thousands of dollars of financial aid to assist in completing their college education and entering the engineering profession.