Services Provided by Member Firms


Below is a glossary of some of the services which may be offered by the various disciplines. Many firms offer services in more than one discipline. However, any given firm may or may not offer all of the listed services. As a general rule, all the disciplines offer services of design, reports, on-site review, specifications, feasibility studies, value engineering studies, investigation, construction management and life cycle analysis.

 Civil Engineering
Grading, Paving, Site Improvements, Industrial Structures, Drainage, Land Use Planning, Hydrological Studies, Bridges, Roads, Streets, Highway, Subways, Coastal and Harbor Engineering, Rapid Transit, Railroads, Transportation, Parking, Traffic Control, Airports, Dams, Hydro-Electric Power, Subdivisions, Flood Plain Studies, Urban Renewal, Municipal Gas Distribution Systems, Storm Water Retention and Systems, Recreation Facilities, Tunnels, Mobile Home Parks, Industrial Parks, Shopping Centers, Reclamation Systems, Water Supply and Irrigation, Wastewater treatment, Project Management

 Electrical Engineering
Electrical Generation, Distribution, Lighting Control Systems, Instrumentation, Communication, Renovation, Rate Studies, Microwave Production, Test Systems, Electromagnetic Site Surveys, Relaying Studies, Elevators, Escalators, Signal Systems , Energy Conservation

 Environmental Engineering
Water and Sewage Systems, Air Pollution Prevention, Solid Waste Systems, Industrial Waste Systems, Rate Studies, Bonding Studies, Waste Sampling and Testing, Ground Water Supply, Water Storage, Environmental Impact Assessment, Land Application, Infiltration/Inflow Analysis, Project Management

 Industrial Engineering
Process Piping, Distribution Centers, Material Handling, Plant Layout, Time and Motion Studies, Methods Improvement, Training Management Studies, Manufacturing Facilities

 Mechanical Engineering
Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Plumbing, Refrigeration Systems, Gas Systems, Energy Conservation, Process Piping, Machine Design, Power Plants, Rate Studies

 Soil and Foundation, Materials Testing Engineering (Geotechnical)
Soil Testing and Evaluation, Foundation Evaluations, Soil Mechanics, Earth Structures, Slope Stability Analysis

 Structural Engineering
Structural Analysis/Design/Investigations for Buildings, Parking Structures, Bridges, Retaining Walls, Foundations, Bracing and Shoring Systems, Renovations, Storage Structures, Towers, Tunnels

 Surveying & Mapping
Topographical Surveys, Mapping and Photogrammetry, Route Surveys, Farm Surveys, Boundary Line Surveys, Construction Surveys